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FIT Brand

  • 1st February 2018
  • The FIT clothing brand was created in 2015 as the brain-child of Managing Director Luke Conod. Luke wanted to create an all-ethical, locally designed brand of t-shirts and tracksuits which reflected our brand, community and values.

    Unlike a lot of brands, we wanted to do it right by sourcing ethically produced items. That’s when we were fortunate to come across AIM Apparel who are an American charity based in Cambodia.

    Their aim is to provide education and vocation for young women who have been subjected to sex trafficking. The rescued women are provided training in garment manufacturing, healthcare and language education, all while being compensated well above the national average.

    By purchasing one of our t-shirts you are helping to keep vulnerable young women in work with added benefits such as childcare, full medical cover, education and lunch. The t-shirts are environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical as well as being of the highest quality and fit.

    The FIT Clothing hoodies and joggers are manufactured by Haltex who are a sportswear brand based in Lithuania. They offer the best quality designs and clothing in the business and are made by workers in Europe in safe, well-paid environments.

    To keep the design process as local as possible, the FIT logo was designed in-house by Emily Jones and the ‘bull’ themed t-shirts were designed in-house by Georgia Murfin.

    If you wish to view more or buy online please view the FIT Clothing section at Buy Jeans.