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£1500 to Help Children with Genetic Disorders

  • 30th October 2007
  • Hereford based Buy Jeans and its customers have donated £1500 to the Jeans for Genes charity to help children all over the UK with Genetic disorders.

    “We were delighted when the team at Jeans for Genes asked us to help raise money for such worthy causes.” Commented Luke Conod, Managing Director of Buy Jeans. “We wanted to be able to raise as much money as we could, so in the run up to Genes for Jeans day which was on October 7th 2007 we donated £1 for every pair of Jeans sold from our popular website Buy Jeans. We also put a direct link from our website to the Jeans for Genes website so our customers could find out more about the charity and how they could help.”

    Jeans for Genes is a national appeal where everyone across the UK is asked to throw out the usual dress rules, jump into their jeans and donate £1 at schools or £2 at work to help children with genetic disorders. Jeans for Genes Day 2007 was held on Friday 5th October, Buy Jeans and its customers raided £1500 for the charity.

    Celebrity supporters including Jason Donovan, Emilia Fox, the cast of Hollyoaks and many others have got behind Jeans for Genes and are wearing the charity’s stickers on their back pockets this year. The celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager is urging everyone to bake blueberry muffins and other teatime treats to sell on the day to help raise funds. The twelfth Jeans for Genes Day aims to raise around £3 million which will be spent on research into the causes, treatments and cures for genetic disorders in children as well as specialist nurses, respite care, information and holidays for families who are affected by inherited conditions.

    Buy Jeans offers the UK’s best value jeans, trousers, tops and shirts from well-known brands such as Levi’s, Wrangler, Diesel, Lee and Ben Sherman. The website is part of Denim Nation Ltd which owns the Jeans Nation and School Uniform stores in Eign Gate Hereford.

    Buy Jeans was launched online in 1998 selling Levis and Wrangler jeans and orders started to trickle in every couple of days or so. As time progressed the website grew and evolved, marketing across other web pages drew more and more customers to the website and sales grew constantly. Customers are drawn by the ease of purchase, low prices and fast delivery, usually within a couple of days. “At least 80% of our business comes from on-line purchases now. It would have been as little as 5% only 6 years ago. The Internet has enabled us to expand our business, to develop our High Street presence and to keep, in fact greatly increase, our local staff levels.”

    The Jeans Nation websites are at and