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  • 20th November 2015
  • Are your products tested on animals?

    No. We do not sell any cosmetics or similar products that may be animal tested.

    Does Denim Nation sell fur?

    Very little. There are some items in certain ranges with fur trims, but these are exclusively by-products from the meat industry (e.g. rabbit fur).

    How can I get Denim Nation to support my charity?

    The Denim Nation businesses each have their own policies on charity support and tend to have already decided which organisations to involve.

    Some of the good causes which we have supported recently include:

    Do Denim Nation sell any grey imports?

    No. Denim Nation are approved stockists of all the manufacturers whose products we sell. All our products are sourced through the manufacturers’ official distribution channels in the UK – we do not sell grey imports.

    How can I get more information beyond that on this website?

    You can email us using the details on the Contact Details page on this website. Please bear in mind that we receive many enquiries from external stakeholders and, while we do our best to respond fully, we are not able to answer every question in detail.