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  • 20th November 2015
  • Denim Nation has developed a set of corporate responsibility principles, endorsed by the Board, to set direction across the Group and provide a yardstick to measure our progress.

    1. Communication
      We are determined to stay abreast of society’s expectations in social responsibility and to implement change enthusiastically. We will listen hard to our stakeholders and report honestly on our actions and progress.
    2. Benchmarking
      We know that we can learn from other organisations, as well as from the many examples of good practice within our own company. We will benchmark our performance, both externally and internally, using quantifiable performance indicators.
    3. Employment Practices
      We are committed to high standards of employment practice and wish to be recognised as a good employer. We aim to reward people fairly and to provide equality of opportunity, personal development and training, and a safe and healthy workplace.
    4. Community Relations
      We value our relationships with the community around us and believe that thriving businesses depend upon thriving communities. Our community programmes are therefore rooted in our business strategy and are an important management responsibility.
    5. Human Rights
      We care about human rights in our own workplace and want to be sure that our suppliers and business partners demonstrate similar concern. We make these organisations aware of our requirements and take all reasonable steps to ensure they are met.
    6. Customers
      We believe we can serve the best interests of our customers by recognising them as individuals. We are committed to responding to their needs, respecting their privacy and making every effort to earn their trust.
    7. Culture
      We believe that good corporate citizenship ultimately resides in the hearts and minds of our people. Our aim is to ensure that these wider social responsibilities influence the way we manage, reward and develop our people in order to become part of our culture.
    8. Recycling and The Environment
      We are committed wherever possible to reducing our effect on the environment. We now recycle 98% of our cardboard and 94% of our paper, and are working to increase this. All confidential paperwork is securely destroyed by an environmentally friendly local company, Enviroshred. 85% of our plastic waste is recycled via Hereford Pedi Cabs. All clothing and other products that cannot be sold or returned to our suppliers are donated to small independent charities. All empty printer toner cartridges are recycled and we always purchase refilled cartridges from Cartridge World. All our company vehicles have low emissions and we are constantly reducing our energy usage.