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  • 20th November 2015
  • Stakeholders

    We believe that we are better placed to achieve sustained profitable growth by considering carefully our impact on society and by responding to the needs of all our different stakeholders.

    We see our key stakeholders as:

    • Our investors and lenders and all who advise them.
    • Our customers.
    • Our colleagues in Denim Nation.
    • Our suppliers and business partners.
    • The communities around us.
    • Opinion formers and policy makers in Government, NGOs and the media.

    Corporate Responsibility

    Overall responsibility for corporate responsibility lies with Luke Conod, the Managing Director. This appointment reflects the links between corporate governance and corporate responsibility, as well as the increasing shareholder interest in the subject.

    The principal corporate responsibility issues for Denim Nation are:

    • Labour, environmental and social practices in the Group’s supply chain.
    • Providing a working environment that is conducive to the recruitment and retention of the widest possible range of talented staff.
    • Protection of consumer privacy and the proper handling and use of customer information.
    • Provision of a safe and healthy place of work.
    • Providing products of the appropriate quality, including responsible product sourcing, product safety and reliability.
    • Serving customers to their complete satisfaction.
    • Improving the Group’s environmental performance, principally our use of energy
    • Developing strong community relationships in support of our business objectives.