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A Novel Way to Support St Michael’s

  • 10th December 2010
  • Retailers in Herefordshire created a new approach to fundraising for St Michael’s Hospice, albeit in a ‘tongue in cheek’ kind of way.

    Following a successful meeting with eBay, who had invited the local Mail Order Group to visit in an attempt to encourage more independent retailers to sign up to their popular website auction house, the group gathered around the dinner table to discuss future opportunities. Inspiration struck from a throw-away comment about the famous Herefordshire bull as an iconic symbol of the county. Thus, a ‘cock and bull story’ began.

    Heather Gorringe from Wiggly Wigglers and Luke Conod from The FIT Store were booked to go on air at Sunshine Radio. The quirky challenge was set: mention the word ‘cock’ on air; suitable uses included ‘cockerel’ and ‘cockpit’. The gauntlet was thrown down: for every time the two entrepreneurs could mention it, money would be given by the other retailers. The organisation to benefit from this money: St Michael’s Hospice; all agreed it was a worthy cause.


    Heather and Luke managed to mention the word twice in their live weekly radio slot during the summer and raised £200 for the local charity [donation made at their Christmas meal].

    Katie Farmer (Events & Community Fundraising Manager) said: “It truly is a unique way of fundraising; it’s such a surprising and fun way to raise money, and we appreciate the effort to keep their mentions as clean as possible. On a more serious note, it also highlights the variety of illnesses that we care for at the Hospice, including cancers specific to men; so, despite it being a fun and novel method in supporting the work of St Michael’s, they have enabled us to create awareness for men’s health, too.”