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Ethical Recycling of Computer Equipment

  • 29th January 2020
  • At Denim Nation Hereford we are committed to reducing waste and recycling wherever possible to protect the environment.  We are also committed to supporting charities that help disadvantaged people both in the UK and around the world.

    When we replaced our computer equipment in January 2020, we were keen to ensure all the old equipment was reused if possible, and anything that could not be reused was recycled in an environmentally friendly way within the UK.  We also needed to ensure all data was securely erased in a traceable manner.

    To achieve this, all the equipment was donated to Jamie’s Computers, who are an Ethical IT Recycling social enterprise.  Jamie’s Computers are a part of The Society of St James, a Hampshire based homelessness charity (registered charity number 1043664).

    All profits from the sale of refurbished equipment directly benefit the charity.  In addition, Jamie’s Computers provide professional volunteering opportunities for graduates, students, and unemployed, as well as people with disabilities and mental health issues, to learn to new skills and work in a team in a real business environment.

    All equipment passes through stringent data destruction processes to ensure data is safely wiped to government standards.

    We are proud to support Jamie’s Computers and The Society of St James, both of whom embrace our company and personal values.

    You can read more about Jamie’s Computers here