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Internet Sales are Booming!

  • 4th September 2007
  • A Hereford retailer reports that sales are up by 600%!

    Retail sales on the High Street may report to be static so it’s interesting to hear that business for one Hereford retailer is on the increase.

    “Our business hasn’t just grown, it’s rocketed up by over 600% in the last 7 years.” said Luke Conod, Managing Director of Jeans Nation in Eign Gate, Hereford.

    Luke and his family took over the Hereford branch of the business just 7 years ago when they heard that the national owners at the time had decided to close the store in Hereford due to poor sales performance.

    “We’ve worked hard to make Jeans Nation in Hereford one of Levi’s top accounts in the country and our website is one of the UK’s only approved online Levi’s shops,” Luke proudly reports. “Our main success and growth has come from Internet sales – from our jeans website and from our new school uniform website which is the UK’s only exclusive Trutex school uniform site.”

    It wasn’t long after the family taking over that Luke launched a small website on the Internet selling Levis and Wrangler jeans and orders started to trickle in every couple of days or so. As time progressed the website grew and evolved, marketing across other web pages drew more and more customers to the website and sales grew constantly. Customers are drawn by the ease of purchase, low prices and fast delivery, usually within a couple of days.

    “We’ll sell in excess of 250,000 items on the internet this year. At least 80% of our business comes from on-line purchases now,” said Luke. “It would have been as little as 5% only 7 years ago. The Internet has enabled us to expand our business, to develop our High Street presence and to keep, in fact increase, our local staff levels.”

    “Times are quite tough in retail at the moment,” admits Luke. “You only have to look up and down the high street of any market town or city to see that. The Internet opens your shop doors to the whole world, for very little cost.”

    “We are bursting at the seams at our retail outlet in Eign Gate, Hereford,” said Luke. “To enable us to offer our customers the very best service we have expanded our on-line business to a purpose built warehouse and despatch facility on the outskirts of the City.”

    The Jeans Nation websites are at and