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Khnar Village Learning Centre

  • 29th April 2023
  • The Khnar Village Learning Centre supports more than 100 students currently studying at Khnar Primary School and graduates who have continued on to Secondary and High School.

    The KVLC will be home to classes and workshops, including English, Science, IT, Ukulele classes, Chess Club, Arts & Crafts, and a health station.

    The PLF have also started an Adult Education Program at the KVLC, which provides a wide range of workshops to parents of PLF Students. The workshops teach the parents about topics such as, domestic violence, family planning, and human rights.

    In December 2018, along with The City of Hereford Rotary Club, we visited The Khnar Village Learning Centre, to talk through plans for the new development, as well as get stuck in with volunteering.

    A new structure will be erected on the property that will serve several identified needs. Mainly to create more classroom space and make space available for both children and a public library. The larger building will also allow continued film nights during the rainy season and allow more parents to join workshops.

    Construction of this structure will begin in January 2019, and hopes to be completed by mid April 2019. Once the new classrooms are constructed, the public Library and Children’s Library will be opened.

    Without your help and support, we wouldn’t be able to make these amazing learning opportunities happen for the children of Khnar Village.

    You can continue to support these projects, when shopping with us at The School Uniform Shop.

    A donation of just £1, will provide 1 Library book to give children of all ages in Koh Ker, Romchek and Khnar Village, the crucial education to further their success in life!

    Our aim is to donate 1000 library books, for various ages and learning abilities, and we thank you for helping us do just that!

    Thank you for your continued help and support!