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School Uniform for All

  • 5th May 2017
  • School Uniform Shop in St. Peter’s Street, High Town, is the number one retailer in the UK for all-ethical and sustainable school uniform. In 2015 we won ‘Best Schoolwear Store’ at CWB’s Independent Retail Awards. Since then we have continued to grow the School Uniform Shop in every aspect, from our values and ethics, with the charities we support and with our service to our customers.

    Over the last decade we have donated school uniform and funded education projects around the world in excess of £50,000 and that is all thanks to the help and support of our customers. This year we are committed to not only donating new and used uniform across the world but to a specific project in Koh Ker in Cambodia. In January of this year, Managing Director of School Uniform Shop Luke Conod visited Cambodia with the City of Hereford Rotary Club to discover a charity who needed our help. This charity was The Ponheary Ly Foundation. The Ponheary Ly Foundation supports over 2,800 students across rural Cambodia to improve their quality of life and education.

    Working alongside the PLF and the City of Hereford Rotary Club we will be funding three inspiring programmes: a school library, a wellness programme which teaches the children about hygiene, dental hygiene and providing clean water and also a programme which teaches English language to children from the age of 11.

    The three programmes are an invaluable source of education for over 100 students who attend Koh Ker School daily. Many families in Cambodia will choose one child to attend school and rely on that one child to come home and teach their siblings. The Ponheary Ly Foundation supply every child at Koh Ker School with the supplies they need to attend school, with the hope that eventually every child in the village of Koh Ker will be able to attend.

    Alongside our work with the Koh Ker School in Cambodia we are also continuing to support other education projects in Cambodia and Nepal as well as a number of charities including People in Motion, City of Hereford Rotary Club, Toilet Twinning, Agape International Missions, Pahar Trust and more locally, St Michael’s Hospice.