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20 Years of Buy Jeans

  • 22nd April 2021
  • April 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of our Buy Jeans website, which was first launched in April 2001.

    We have been looking back at how our first website looked and how it has evolved over the years, and have compiled these ten screenshots from the first version to our latest version.

    Most of these screenshots are based on captures by the Internet Archive at and some of the earlier ones have had some reconstruction because the archive captures had missing images etc.

    To visit our new website please go to

    2001Buy Jeans 2001

    2002Buy Jeans 2002

    2003Buy Jeans 2003

    2006Buy Jeans 2006

    2008Buy Jeans 2008

    2011Buy Jeans 2011

    2014Buy Jeans 2014

    2015Buy Jeans 2015

    2020Buy Jeans 2020

    2021Buy Jeans 2021

    To visit our new website please go to