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  • 3rd December 2015
  • Denim Nation Ethical Policy

    At Denim Nation we are passionate about all the right things. We do our best in each of our businesses to make sure we are making the right ethical decisions.

    Our School Uniform Shop have an inspiring ethical policy.

    As a worker living in the United Kingdom you are entitled to a minimum wage, regular breaks, a suitable and safe working environment and reasonable working hours. So why is it so different in other countries? All of our ethical schoolwear suppliers ensure their garments are produced in environments where all the above and more are met:

    1. No child labour is used in any of their factories.
    2. Working conditions are safe, hygienic and of health & safety standard.
    3. Working hours are not excessive and regular breaks are implemented.
    4. Wages are of the industry / country norm and many workers receive work benefits.
    5. Employment is freely chosen and NO person will be taken against their will / forced to work.
    6. Factories undergo rigorous checks and audits to make sure they are a safe and secure structure.

    We are proud to say that our schoolwear ticks all of those boxes and more.

    We are proud to be a supplier of ALL ethical school uniform. It means a lot to us that we are supporting local independent business as well as ensuring all of our school wear is manufactured in safe and hygienic conditions where the workers are being fairly paid and treated well.