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Five Years of Ethical Accreditation

  • 26th May 2023
  • We are absolutely delighted to have awarded ethical accreditation for the 5th year in a row and really proud to be the Number 1 Ethical School Uniform Retailer in the UK.

    Our family business values are Ethical, Sustainable, Responsible. To us they are so much more than words – they drive everything we do. This is why we’ve been recognised over the years for our continuous efforts, always striving for the best for our customers, but at a minimum cost to the planet, and with a positive social impact.

    Being ethically transparent as a business is so important to us, which means stocking products that are both sustainable and ethically sourced. We “walk that talk”, unlike many of our competitors.

    The School Uniform Shop are committed to providing a great service, and premium quality school uniform from trusted brands. We take our role as school uniform suppliers very seriously, our goals are to help preserve the future of our planet for generations to come. Putting us on the right side of history.

    We were delighted to have received the following feedback from The Good Shopping Guide

    ‘We were pleased to see that School Uniform Shop continues to be an ethical brand that places respect for the Environment, Animals, and People at the heart of its values. The brand therefore continues to receive an excellent rating of 93 within our Ethical Fashion Retailers rating table. School Uniform Shop’s commitment to providing ethical school uniform is demonstrated by ethical policy and corporate responsibility principles, which includes commitments to sustainability and positive workers’ rights.’

    We thank the research team for their kind words.

    We believe by embracing ethical and sustainable school uniform goes beyond the realm of fashion choices; it reflects a school’s commitment to fostering a better future for students and the environment. By prioritising eco-friendly materials, fair labour practices, equality, and education, schools play an integral role in instilling values of social responsibility and sustainability in young minds. The benefits of ethical and sustainable school uniforms extend beyond the confines of the educational institution, contributing to a global movement towards a more equitable, conscious, and environmentally friendly society.

    Luke Conod
    Founder & CEO
    School Uniform Shop