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Take the heat out of summer with Dockers®

  • 30th April 2007
  • Yesterday’s announcement that it’s going to be hotter than ever this summer has prompted Denim Nation in Eign Gate Hereford and menswear brand Dockers® San Francisco to call for men to ‘dress down’ to stay cool.

    The Met Office has said that temperatures will continue to soar this summer, with a high probability (at least 70%) that summer temperatures will be above the 1971-2000 long-term average over much of Western Europe, including the UK.

    Indications for this year suggest the odds for a particularly hot summer, similar to those experienced in 2003 and 2006 across the UK, are around 1 in 8, meaning that men could again face the problem of what to wear to work this summer.

    Luke Conod, Managing Director of Jeans Nation in Hereford who are now official retail partners of Dockers® San Francisco in the UK said: “During the summer men in the UK will be more ready than ever to throw away their ties and take a more laid back approach to summer style . This season we’ve seen a big demand for casual wear that is suitable for the workplace. Across the UK, men are looking for key items that will help them to stay cool, but look smart this summer.”

    In America, Dockers® San Francisco, which is celebrating its 21st birthday this year, played a key role in ‘Casual Friday’ dressing in the early 1990’s and the word ‘Dockers’ is commonly used to imply a casual dress code Now Jeans Nation in Eign Gate Hereford and Dockers® San Francisco are celebrating the fact that the less formal approach to dressing is well and truly alive in the UK – including in the workplace.

    As temperatures soar new flexible dress codes for men at work include smart tailored shorts, short sleeved shirts and linen pants. More casual attire has also made it into the weekend with more men saying no to suits for summer events.

    For those who are unsure how to integrate casual wear into their smart wardrobe, Dockers® San Francisco has put together a dress down guide for the summer:

    1. Any item that could be classed as beachwear should never be worn in the office
    2. Choose breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen
    3. Shorts and ¾ length trousers need to be worn with appropriate shoes
    4. Choose shoes that look smart, won’t rub and that will be comfortable all day
    5. Sandals with socks are a definite no-no
    6. Remember too, that shorts appear much shorter when the wearer is sitting. Obviously, short-shorts, biking shorts, and workout shorts, etc. should be completely disallowed in the office
    7. Layer tops (e.g. t-shirt under shirt) to keep fresh throughout the day and give you the chance to go from day to night without having to go home to change.

    Dockers® San Francisco at Jeans Nation in Eign Gate Hereford and online at brings the ideals of West Coast living to the British man’s wardrobe, meaning the Dockers® guy really can live well, feel good and look great.